About Us

The Textbook

UnidBooks is a unique student community where all books are sold by students for students. All second-hand books are recommended by coursemates and are tailored to meet the needs of individual university courses.

By connecting students within the same campus and beyond, we’ve created a platform where knowledge exchange and collaboration thrive.


“Students have saved over £7500 on textbooks with UnidBooks and collectively we have recycled over 1.5 tonnes of paper.”

Our story:

Greetings! I’m Cesca Douglas, a recent medical school graduate. 

During my six years at university I was shocked there was no easy way for students to re-sell used textbooks. Books would often collect dust on bookshelves after graduation, or worse, they were thrown away on ‘house moving day.’ Look familiar?

Fresh out of the University of Leeds I’ve launched UnidBooks to tackle this huge problem of textbook waste, whilst saving students money by making textbooks more accessible and affordable than ever.

Things we hate:


I’m a firm believer that one person’s trash is another persons treasure. At uni I hated seeing perfectly good quality books being thrown away on moving out day, all because there was no easy way for students to re-sell them.

Cost of Living

Uni should open doors, not slam them shut. Brand new textbooks cost a fortune, I believe educational materials should be affordable for everyone and financial barriers should not limit accessibility to educational resources.



Things we love:


Yep, you guessed it. In an increasingly digital world, I love a good paperback book. For me, the act of flipping through pages, underlining favourite passages, and dog-earing corners to revisit later is all part of the uni experience.

Small Change

Small actions can add up to big change and I’m always looking for ways to improve my lifestyle to minimise waste and do my bit.

Side Hustle

From launching my own car washing business as a teenager, to selling my books on UnidBooks. I always have something else on the go.

"UnidBooks is a great way for our students to find a more sustainable, circular way to get the textbooks they need whilst reducing waste and consumption."

Thomas Cooper

Sustainability Manager, University of Leeds

Medical School Graduate, University Of Leeds

“UnidBooks is fantastic – it lets you buy & sell uni textbooks to people in the same city as you so it’s super easy to exchange books without having to faff with postage etc! Easy to navigate website and a simple system of exchanging books! Plus the customer service is great and quick to respond if there are any issues between buyer & seller! Would highly recommend!”

The students say...

Medical School Graduate, University Of Leeds

“UnidBooks is such a great service, I really wish it had been around since I was a first year. Many textbooks throughout university you only need for a specific time period and then selling them on is the best option. The site is really easy to use and means you know they are going to someone who will use it, which you worry might not be found in charity shops. Such a good idea, and great to recycle for the environment.”

“It was really quick getting books from UnidBook. It is a cheaper way to buy textbooks from students who don’t need them. I got the book within 1 day. Super easy to arrange pickup as students all live around the same area. I totally recommend! “

Final Year, University Of Leeds

Widening access
to education

UnidBooks strives to ensure textbooks are affordable for everyone.

Our platform connects students with a vast selection of pre-owned books sold at significantly lower prices than traditional retail.

Buy online,
Meet on campus

Our circular platform minimises waste at every stage in a textbooks lifecycle, from creation to disposal.

Our ‘buy online, meet on campus’ concept ensures students collect books from their own community. Delivery of books is fast, free and sustainable.

Student Community

UnidBooks is a unique student community where books are sold by students for students.

Our ‘buy online, meet on campus’ concept allows students to connect with a new network of colleagues.