Getting paid

Getting paid

A simple guide for sellers on getting paid once your book has been sold.

Add payment details

You need to set up your payment details before you can start to sell. This is to ensure we can pay you once your book has sold! 

Stripe is our chosen payment gateway, we use this to pay you safely and securely.  Click here to add your payment details. 

For more information on adding payment details,  follow our step-by-step guide.


You've made a sale!

When you sell a book, you will receive the buyer’s contact details. Contact the buyer, meet up and exchange the book. 

The buyer has been sent a 4 digit UnidBooks collection code. When you meet the buyer, ask them for the code and enter the code here and you will be paid. The code must be entered within 7 days to ensure you get paid. 

The money will be transferred to your Stripe account and after 5-7 days  (depending on your bank) the funds will be transferred to your bank account. 

Seller fees

The seller fee normally works out as less than a cup of coffee and it helps us continue to run our site. We only charge you once your book has been sold!

When you sell a book, UnidBooks will charge a 10% ‘seller fee’. This fee, along with the 80p transaction fee, will be automatically deducted before we transfer your funds to you.

Make sure you add your payment details here so we can pay you!