Privacy policy

Your privacy is important to us. This Privacy Policy highlights what data we collect from you, how we store and use your data. 

1.Collection of personal data 

We collect your personal data when you use UnidBooks, create a UnidBooks account, fill out a form on our website (, or update your UnidBooks account information. We also collect data when you contact us through online forms or by email. 

2. Personal data collected when using UnidBooks or creating a UnidBooks account 

You are required to create an account in order to buy or sell through UnidBooks. Upon creating an account with UnidBooks you confirm that you agree to the Privacy Policy. Creating an account requires you to provide the following data; first name, last name, university, university course and year at university. This information is collected to identify you as a user as well as to help us have a better understanding of who uses our site. We also collect contact information (email and phone number) when you create an account. This information will be stored on our site as it helps us to facilitate current and future sales between users.  

You may also provide us with additional information after creating an account, for example, by adding your PayPal information. This will be stored as it will allow us to pay you for any items or content you have sold through UnidBooks

3. Personal data shared with other users 

Some of your data will be shared to other UnidBooks users when you have sold or purchased an item through UnidBooks. This information will be taken from the data you provided when creating an account. If you have sold an item, we will provide the buyer with your first name, email and phone number. Similarly, if you have bought an item, we will provide the seller with your first name, email and phone number. This sharing of information allows both the buyer and the seller involved in the sale to contact each other and arrange to meet up and exchange the sale. 

By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions you are agreeing that you will not; share this personal information provided to you by UnidBooks with anyone, you will only use this information for the purpose of facilitating a sale, you will only keep the information for the length of time required to facilitate a sale and you will delete the information after you have met up with the buyer or seller. 

4. Payments and transactions 

At checkout, if you select to use card payment, the transaction will be conducted through Stripe. Stripe is a third party payment processor and will collect and use your information. The information collected and used by Stripe includes but is not limited to; name, email, address and bank account details. This information is required to complete payments. A full description of Stripe’s Privacy Policy can be found here By selecting to pay by card you are agreeing to the Stripe Privacy Policy. We also use PayPal, which is also a third party payment processor. By paying with PayPal you are agreeing to the PayPal Privacy Policy which can be found here We do not accept any responsibility or liability for the third party payment processor Privacy Policies named above. Please ensure you have read and understood the privacy policies of PayPal and Stripe before you continue with your purchase.

When you purchase an item or content through UnidBooks, you will provide your billing address, this will be added to your account information and stored to facilitate future transactions. Additionally, we also keep a record of previous financial transactions we have had with you (including the payment method used) to ensure we can monitor sales through UnidBooks.


We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our site. These cookies allow us to tailor your experience on our website to ensure the content is relevant for you. For example, these cookies can be used to remember your username when logging in or remember your country selection at checkout. These cookies are also used to provide you with suggested content, although the suggested books are just a guideline and should not be interpreted as advising you. If you use our site we will assume that you have agreed to the use of these cookies. 

6.Additional information 

You may contact us through a form on our website (, via email or through our social media platforms. This data will be collected and stored to ensure we can understand and manage your enquiry.

We collect data through your actions when you use UnidBooks. For example, when you add items to your basket or when you view items from the shop page. We also keep a record of your purchase history and selling history. We may use your recently viewed products as well as your previous purchases and sales to recommend similar products to you and provide you with suggested content whilst you use the website ( 

UnidBooks uses a third party online marketing platform, Mailchimp, to keep monitor our sales and to allow us to outreach to our UnidBooks users. To allow us to do this through Mailchimp, we provide Mailchimp with certain information. When you purchase items through UnidBooks we will provide Mailchimp with your first name, last name, email address and billing address. When you fill out a form on our website, we provide Mailchimp with the information from that form (for example; first name, last name, what course you study, where you study and your email address). We keep this information on Mailchimp as it allows us to monitor our sales and send you personalised marketing emails, given your consent. Mailchimp treats information about you in accordance with the provisions of its Privacy Policy: Mailchimp also utilises certain technologies, such as pixels and web beacons, in the marketing emails we send you through Mailchimp. These technologies allow UnidBooks to track whether you have opened or clicked on our emails and if so, the date, time and IP address associated with the open and/or click. For more information on Mailchimp’s use of these technologies, please read their Cookie Statement:

7. Your rights 

Access your information: You have the right to request your information that is collected, used and stored by UnidBooks. 

Correct or change your information. Most of the information we hold is available for you to change in the ‘my account’ page. If you are unable to do this, or if you wish to change any other information that is not accessible via the ‘my account’ page, please contact us. You have the right to make changes to your information to ensure your information is accurate and correct.

Delete your account. Please contact us if you wish to delete your UnidBooks account.

Withdraw consent. You have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data at any time.  If this is the case, please contact us.

Please see the below ‘contact us’ page if you wish to contact us to exercise the above rights. 


8.Google analytics

Use of Google Analytics
By accessing and using this website, you agree to the following terms regarding the use of Google Analytics for tracking and analysing website data. Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”). It processes data to maintain and protect the Google Analytics service as specified in the Google Ads Data Processing Terms.

Account Data Sharing Settings: Google Analytics allows us to customise data sharing settings, giving us control over how our website data may be shared with Google for additional purposes. These data sharing settings include the following options:

Google Products & Services: This  is required for Enhanced Demographics & Interests reporting.

Modeling Contributions & Business Insights: Enabling this setting allows the use of features like predictions, modeled data, and benchmarking, providing us with richer business insights through aggregated and de-identified measurement data contributions.

Technical Support: We may grant Google technical support representatives access to our Google Analytics data and account when necessary to provide service and find solutions to technical issues.

Account Specialists: We may allow Google sales access to our Google Analytics data and account to assist in optimising our configuration and analysis. This access may include providing insights, optimisation tips, and recommendations across Google Analytics and other Google products.

Please note that your use of this website is also subject to Google’s privacy policy and terms of service. For more information about Google Analytics, data sharing, and how your information is used, we recommend reviewing Google’s policies and documentation. By using this website, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to the terms and conditions regarding the use of Google Analytics as described above.

9. Contact us Please contact us at and we will aim to respond to your query within 5 working days.