A level Biology

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Course:Leeds, Faculty of Biological Sciences
Module:Animal behaviour, Biochemistry , Cancer biology , Ecology/conservation , Evolution, Genetics , Immunology , Microbiology , Molecular biology , Nutrition


Additional details:A level Biology text books were surprisingly helpful for my Zoology degree, especially in first year. For many students who have taken a year or more out from school, a lot of your first year will be reminding you of the basics of biology, to help give you a basis for whatever field you would like to go into. I’m confident that any degree under the faculty of biological sciences will include a large amount of A level biology, that needs to be revisited, and sometimes added upon. I know for me especially after 2 years out of school, having these next to me in lectures and revision was a MUST! I’ve lowered the price because it is quite an old text book now! You can see the folded back corner in the image, however there are no other notable marks or damages. I have added £5 for postage for £15 total, £10 for the book. Good luck with your degrees!!