Criminal Law

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Course:Leeds, School of Law
Module:Criminal Law
Additional details:What do you love about this book? I love this book because it offers a comprehensive and well-structured approach to understanding Criminal Law. It provides clear explanations of complex legal concepts, utilizes practical examples and case studies, and is an invaluable resource for students studying Criminal Law. What course/module/exam is this book used for? (please also specify the university) This book is commonly used for first-year Criminal Law courses at various universities. It would be helpful to specify the university where you used it to provide more accurate information. What edition is the book? The book is the 10th edition. How much did you pay for the book originally? I originally purchased the book for £43. Are there any damages? No, the book is in perfect condition with no damages. It is completely new. If you will be posting the book, please state that postage is included in the price. Yes, postage is included in the price.