Criminology with Psychology first year books

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Condition:Like new
Course:Leeds, School of Psychology
Module:Biological Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Research Skills


Additional details:Any first year Crim/Psych students in need of the core textbooks? I've got - Understanding Psychology and Crime: perspectives on theory and action. By James McGuire - Psychology and Crime: An Introduction to Criminological Psychology [2nd edition]. By Clive R. Hollin - Criminology (2017). By Steven Case and others. I used all three of these books as if they were my bibles in first year and second year. I got good grades, they are life-savers! Worth about £150 when buying brand new. I bought the Hollin book second hand and had a discount for the Case book, think I spent about £80 in total. All books are in really good condition, no marks, no creases in any of the pages, no rips, tears or missing pages etc. Except the first page of the Hollin book (pictured), not sure what it is, was like that when I bought it.