Legal Skills , Emily Finch

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Condition:Like new
Course:Leeds, School of Law
Module:Foundations of Law
Additional details:What do you love about this book? While I haven't personally used this book, what many students appreciate about "Legal Skills" by Emily Finch is its practical approach to developing essential legal skills. It provides valuable guidance on legal research, writing, and critical thinking, which are crucial for success in law studies and practice. What course/module/exam is this book used for? (please also specify the university) This book is commonly used for first-year Foundations of law . What edition is the book? The edition of the book I have for sale is the 7th edition. How much did you pay for the book originally? I originally purchased the book for 30 Pounds . Are there any damages? No, the book is in excellent condition with no damages. It is new, and all pages are intact.