The Unofficial Guide to Practical Skills AND The Unofficial Guide to Passing OSCEs

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Course:Leeds, Medicine


Additional details:*The Unofficial Guide to Practical Skills* LIKE NEW 'The Unofficial Guide to Passing Practical Skills' follows on from the huge success of 'The Unofficial Guide to Passing OSCEs'. It contains step-by-step illustrated guides to over 50 core practical skills, with over 200 high quality images of the actual procedures being performed. Accompanying mark schemes, and typical exam questions are included to simulate real life assessment. Written by recent graduates, in conjunction with clinical skills staff, senior clinicians, and consulting a facebook group of 16, 000 students/doctors, we have ensured all core competencies are covered. The interactive format allows for group/solo revision, and handy guidance whilst on the wards. Selling for £8.84 on amazon (with delivery) *The Unofficial Guide to Passing OSCEs (first edition)* Used - see pictures of writing on first page only The Unofficial Guide includes 92 scenarios, covering medical history taking, clinical examination, practical skills, communication skills, plus specialties, meaning that everything for medical students is covered in one place. The book is designed to allow students to role play a real life OSCE, with each station containing a) a briefing for an actor playing 'the patient' b) a briefing for the 'student' and c) a mark scheme and questions to ask for 'the examiner.'